from design to delivery to make your life even easier

We can design and produce personalised mailer for you, fulfil the delivery ourselves and even help you by sourcing a mailing list. Whatever your need we can individually tailor a direct mail campaign to suit you.


Personalise your mailings for each and every customer to maximise the response rate.





Try something a little more exotic and stand out from the crowd. Reflect the quality of your business with a quality finish.



We will package, frank, address, sort and deliver

your message – on target

and on time.

Design for impact

You need to grip your customer’s imagination instantly to create that all-important wow factor.




Direct Mail needn’t be an expensive headache. From the simplest postcard or email to the most complex personalised campaign, Imagaprint offers customisable end-to-end solutions suitable for the smallest business and the largest corporation.  Let us help you create harmonious campaigns for your customers.


Direct Mail allows you to individually target your intended audience, making it the most cost-effective way of advertising your business.



Advantages of Direct Mail


  • Acquisition
  • Retention
  • Relationship Building
  • Researching


Business to Business Mailings

  • Product launch
  • Sales leads
  • Dealer support
  • Invitations to seminars and conferences
  • Repeat mailings
  • Loyalty building
  • Relationship building
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Cross selling


Consumer Mailings

  • Opportunity to build and maintain a customer database Direct selling
  • Lead generation
  • Dealer mailing
  • Sales promotion
  • Clubs and subscriptions
  • Fund raising
  • Follow-ups
  • Relationship building
  • Cross selling

Creative and Eye-Catching

Not just with what you are offering but with how you present the campaign itself.  You need to stand out from the junk and engage your customers.


Imagaprint’s team of creative designers work in print and online, working within your brand identity whilst ensuring you deliver a campaign with maximum impact.


Did you achieve your objectives?  How many people did you send the campaign to?  Were there any ‘bounces’? How many responses did you get? How many sales did you make and at what price?


Imagaprint’s account managers can help you review the campaign and analyse its success to feed into your next, even more successful campaign.


Get It Out There

A one-off mailer, a regular distribution or a sequential series of mailers, your campaign needs to be distributed in an efficient and timely manner


Imagaprint can print, pack and post your printed campaign or distribute your e-campaign.  We can give you access to discounted postal rates and sophisticated email tools.


Quality Counts

Whether you are printing that campaign or posting it online, you need to make sure it inspires confidence in your customers to achieve results.


Imagaprint offers a full range of quality print and e-marketing solutions, ensuring your campaign looks as good as it sounds.


Right People, Right Place

Your direct mail piece needs to get to the correct address and to people who are receptive to your offering otherwise it’s a waste of time and money.


Imagaprint can help you clean-up and validate your in-house lists and/or source suitable lists for hire or purchase and make sure you comply with any relevant legislation.


The WOW Factor

A good concept, will make sure you get the best possible response rate.  Perhaps you want to do a special offer, a newsletter, a flyer, a postcard, a teaser campaign, send samples or have no idea where to start!


Imagaprint can help you come up with creative concepts within a suitable budget.


The ‘Email’-Print Conundrum

Do you want to send a printed campaign by post, an email driving people to a bespoke page on your website or take a combined approach?  Do you want to personalise each mailer?


Imagaprint can help you decide which approach is best and price-up the options.


Our services

  • Address cleaning
  • Address verification
  • Bar code printing
  • Bulk distribution
  • Clear labels
  • Collation
  • Datacapture
  • Data cleaning
  • Data input
  • Deduplication
  • Envelope supply
  • Hand finishing
  • Hand insertion
  • Machine insertion
  • Personalised letters
  • Polybag supply
  • Polythene packing




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